NIE je to o rýchlosti ale DOBRODRUŽSTVE… Eng

It's NOT about speed but ADVENTURE...

HENDUROT TROPHY is a navigational race for cruising enduras. Using GPS points and a map, each participant has to complete a route during which they search for photo points, complete passages on asphalt and off-road roads, and gradually get into prepared tests that will test their skills and knowledge of off-road driving. The routes are planned to take the most beautiful roads in the area, making sure they are as winding as possible.

There is no time measurement for the crossings although the time limit in which the route must be completed is set so that the rules of the road and the maximum allowed speed are taken into account.

Tests, during the route there are several tests, each of them has a different characteristics, for example, it can be a motocross route, a skill ride through obstacles, a track where the rider’s task is to go through it as slowly as possible without touching the ground, etc.

Evaluation, for all passes, photo points, and tests the rider is scored.

Successful completion of the HENDUROT TROPHY means that the rider completes all passes, finds photo points, and passes all tests. A finisher’s HENDUROT medal is provided for all who succeed.

The motorcycle, event is suitable for all touring endurans with a valid technical licence, legal insurance and number plate , who can handle a daily ride of between 100 and 200km (depending on the event) on an asphalt road, it is equipped with tyres that can handle off-road riding in a minimal pattern (50 to 50%) due to the weather some parts of the route may be muddy and slippery. It is equipped with a navigation device where GPS coordinates can also be entered (navigation, mobile device)

Required rider’s equipment Due to the nature of the event, which is to be held on the road and off-road, it is important to have an integral helmet (helmet that covers the whole head, including the chin), motorcycle boots (motocross or enduro) spine and chest protector. All other protectors that increase the rider’s safety are not mandatory but are recommended (knee pads, elbow pads, neck protector).